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Goal II: Promote Peace Building and Safety in the Society

The need for peace in any society cannot be underestimated. According to the 'Global Peace Index Ranking 2016' by the Institute of Economics and Peace, an Australian think tank, Cameroon is ranked amongst the least peaceful countries in Africa; 37th out of 50. By ranking among the 15 least peaceful countries in Africa and 130th in the world (out of 163 ranked countries), Cameroon is certainly paying the price for the attacks that the Nigerian Islamist Sect Boko Haram is multiplying on its soil for over a year now.

These attacks have already led to the death of over 1,000 officially, and at least three kidnappings of expatriates in the Extreme-North region of Cameroon. This not only spur fear in the Northern Region but throughout the country, as there is always a possibility of this rebel group spreading to other regions of the country. This led to a significant increase in the instability of the country and spur fear in the society. As such, ASCOA is working round-the-clock to maintain peace and stability in the society:

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